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The Terrible Beast From The East is an Online 2D Dungone Crawler -like MMORPG where you must explore dungeons and fight monsters together with friends & strangers in order to save what's left of the last human city!

You can fight alone or fight along your friends or complete strangers in various Invasions. Defeat monsters, level up, get souls and obtain epic loot!

Players can choose from 6 unique stances depending on their playstyle. Do you like to attack as fast as you can? Good, then you should pick Dual Wield stance. Like to clear out crowds of enemies and be good team support?- Then Cannon is the stance for you! The possibilities are limitless, the sky is the limit.

After you and your buddies have defeated an invasion return to town with your new loot and prepare for your next fight. Go visit merchant Ebenezer in case you're missing an equipment piece. Or better yet check out the local blacksmith and craft yourself your very first ELITE gear! Or if you feel like you're not yet ready for a fight have a chat with other players-mercenaries who are resting in town.

We come from the hood, we started from the bottom and now we're over here.

Install instructions

Inside the Rar file you will find game folder which you must unrar and then open the EXE file. That's it!


The Terrible Beast from the East - Online Shenanigans.zip 573 MB

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This game is great so far.

Glad to hear it!

nice tahnk you it was so fun))